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For over 80 years, we at Delage have been creating, designing and manufacturing stopper solutions for the demanding world of spirits. This requires the unique expertise of men and women who are dedicated, conscientious and committed to excellence.

Bruno Cornet

General Manager

Maud Guibault

Purchasing & Procurement Manager

Nicolas Sourdais

R&D Manager

Matthieu Nunez

Laboratory & Project Manager

Evelyne Gatinaud

Quality Manager

Céline Laboussole

HR Manager

Bernard Dangla

Sales Manager

Christelle Benoit-Champagne

Area Manager - France

Emilie Fratter

Area Manager - France

Thomas Pouleriguen

Area Manager - France

Steevens Koonja

Area Manager - France

Iryna Paillé

Area Manager - Export

Karima Hadjou

Area Manager - Export

Aurélie Léa

Customer Care Manager

Lauren Hylton-Davies

Marketing Manager

Jean-Bernard Sochet

Production and Industrialization Manager

Jordan Gobin

Continuous improvement Manager

Professional equality index

In accordance with the decree of January 8th 2019 aimed at eliminating pay gaps between women and men, for “ The freedom to choose your professional future “, we publish our gender equality index every year.
This index is based on four indicators: 

1. The pay gap between women and men, for comparable jobs and ages.
2. The difference in the distribution of individual increases between women and men.
3. The gender gap in the distribution of promotions.
4. The percentage of female employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave.
5. Gender parity among the top ten earners.

Delage has been awarded a score of 93/100 for 2023

• Pay gap indicator: 39/40
• Individual increment rate gap indicator: 35/35
• Return from maternity leave indicator: not calculable
• High pay indicator: 5/10

Delage will continue to take the necessary steps to maintain or improve all of these indicators
as part of its commitment to professional equality between women and men.

Workplace equality and quality of work life

Our dedicated agreement on workplace equality and quality of work life encourages the inclusion of disabled people.
This agreement also promotes equality between men and women in terms of pay and access to employment opportunities. In 2019, we received a score of 99/100 on the professional equality index, which looks at the following elements:

• The gender pay gap
• The difference in the distribution of individual
salary increases
• The number of female employees who received a raise
upon their return from maternity leave
• The gender parity among the 10 highest earners

Employee well-being

On average, our employees have been with the company for 16 years. And our annual investments in training amount to more than 3% of our payroll costs.
Our aim is to help our employees develop their skills and to grow within the company.
In the 2020 Ecovadis ranking, we received a score of 70/100 in the social and human rights category.
Our goal is to achieve a score of 80/100 in 2022.

A pleasant and safe working environment

In 2020, we carried out a preventive and voluntary audit of psychosocial risks. In parallel, we implementeda number of measures to improve the working environment for our employees: an accident prevention initiative, an awareness campaign for minor accidents and near-misses, a detailed analysis by the French Committee for Health,
Safety and Working Conditions (CSSCT), a collaboration with the occupational health service and CARSAT1, and finally a PRAP2 training.